Curva Nord - 'Fried Ice Cream'


Phil Thornton & Ste Connor have produced fanzines and DJ’d together for a decade since starting Salvation On Sunday with several Maoist soulboys in 1996.

Playing mostly in Merseyside their Pow Wow nights featured the likes of Echo & The Bunnymen’s lan McCulloch, Lightning Seeds’ lan Broudie, The Farm’s Peter Hooton and author Kevin Sampson as guests playing everything from Neil Diamond to The Normal to a regular crowd of ageing ex-hoolies and hamstrung hotheads.
As well as writing for website fanzine - Swine Magazine - and DJing together, Phil and Ste with their Geordie mate Andy, also run their own t-shirt label - Curva Nord - selling exclusive, limited edition designs via their website. The first collection’s sold out, and their currently showcasing their new designs on the site.

As ‘Fried lcecream’, Phil & Ste’s themed mixes explore the outer regions of balearica, disco, funky rock and soul. When DJing they never plan their sets but have one rule; keep it interesting, although when Phil recently cleared the floor with Substance’s fierce jungle anthem, ‘What Can I Do?’ even the venue’s sound engineer told him to turn it down. Lightweights! Free monthly mixes are sent out to anyone who wants to hear them via the web so email if you’d like to join the club