Terry Farley - 'DJ's Choice'


Would you believe it, before all that House Music stuff, Terry was known for his Reggae sets, with plenty burning of the chalice in the palace. Here's a mix to prove it.


Mix Review by Snoopy

I.Roy - Sister Maggie Breast
OHGOSH! Pure ravers bizznizz - we used to go MAD for this one back in the day. Dread lick of The Guv'nors WOLF AND LEOPARD. Subs: PUM SPECIALIST - rude white-label bizznizz using the same ridim. STEP ON THE DRAGON by I. Roy, another BIG version.

Jah Stitch - Strickly Rockers
Makka version of Horace Andy's JUST SAY WHO - love King Tubby's dub lick of this as well on the pre-release. Bunny Lee on the case. Jah Stitch was almost murdered when he was shot in the head - but survived and lived to tell the tale in tunes like NO DREAD CAN'T DEAD. Subs: DANGER ZONE PART THREE - WOY! What a CHOOOOOON!

Dr. Alimantado - Best Dressed Chicken In Town
I bought this tune when I was just 16. It was released in the UK on an obscure reggae label called Sol-Fa. This is another Horace Andy version - using the ridim for his rub of AIN'T NO SUNSHINE. 'Tado was a wonderful guy who I 'buck up' on many occasions. He used to call me Spooky! HAHA! He is probably the only person to ever wear a vivid pink suit and get away with it. This record is just MAD - and never really became popular until Greensleeves Records in Shepherds Bush re-released it a few years later. Love the lick SHE WRENG-EP on the original '45 as well. Subs: RIDE ON BROTHER - a MURDEROUS reggae-dance using Junior Byles' BEAT DOWN BABYLON ridim. Released on the Doctor's own Vital Food label outta Kingston.

Dillinger - Ragnampaiza
Another of my favourite DJs from them days. This 'rockers' classic was released when he was killing all comers at Channel One - with a string of hits that included CB200, PLANTATION HEIGHTS, BIONIC DREAD and many more. Of course, on this tune it's all about Mr. Bullock's pronunciation of "RRRRRRRagnampaiza" - who, unsurprisingly, is not an eater of fertilizier. Subs: NATTY DREAD A THE GENERAL - more KILLER Channel One bizznizz, released on the Steady label in Jamaica.

Big Youth - House of Dreadlocks
Terry has selected the LP mix of this tune, which is quite different from the '45 lick. The song is a version of LET LOCKS GROW by Barrington Spence, produced by the incredible Prince Tony Robinson, who ran the Groovemaster label. That itself was a version of Junior Byles' stunning CURLY LOCKS - which spawned a whole heap of versions, including The Gladiators phenomenal Studio One lick, BEAUTIFUL LOCKS. Big Youth was another one of my ALL-OUT favourite DJs - and probably the BIGGEST star of that time. Subs: MISS LOU RING DING - a TOTAL ravers tune, versioning John Holt's monstrous MAN NEXT DOOR. Wicked.

Tapper Zukie - MPLA
Tapper was another guy I had quite a lot of dealings with back in the day. In 1977, when I was 18, I helped organize the very first British Reggae Awards show - held in Dalston - and Tapper kindly agreed to hand out some of our awards for us. A very humble and sweet person - who achieved great success through his championing by Penny Reel. There are many, many tunes I love by Tapper. One vivid memory I have is of being with him in the studio in 1976, when he recorded a song commenting on the terrible riots at the Notting Hill Carnival that weekend - TEN AGAINST ONE. It was released a week or so later - that's FAST social commentary! M.P.L.A. was originally released as an instrumental by session-group The Revolutionaries at Joseph Hookim's Channel One studios - and was one of a few instrumental tunes which also included I.R.A. The tune M.P.L.A. was the tune that really took him to higher heights and was a reggae chart-topper. I am sure my copy of the '45 - released in the UK on the Klik label - is autographed. This was a surefire 100 Club Classic - the punks used to go crazy for this one! Subs: MAN FROM BOSRAH - an absolutely STUNNING version of Ras Alla's BOSRAH, itself produced by Tapper and released in Jamaica on his own Stars label. BAAAAD tune. Heavier than lead.

I.Roy - Welding
Anudda I. Roy classic. I. Roy was my BIG DJ hero when I was a teenager - I loved his style, his voice, his records. This was one of Channel One's early hits - and was inspired by a tune called SOLDERING by The Starlites. Subs: STRAIGHT TO DERRICK MORGAN'S HEAD - OHBWOY! Totally adore this one. This was part of a 'beef' battle with Prince Jazzbo - with the story including PADLOCK, STRAIGHT TO I.ROY'S HEAD, JAZZBO HAVE FE RUN, STRAIGHT TO I.ROY'S HEAD and others. One of my mentors, reggae writer Steve Barrow , kindly gave me his copy of this rare '45 when I was 17. I treasure it still.

Big Youth - Wolf In Sheep's Clothing
The UK release of this tune was a different version than that released in Jamaica. But ALL versions are essential. Proof that Yout' was a true superstar. Subs: JIM SQUEACHY - I dropped this one at the very first Crate Diggers party (I think): Augustus Manley Buchanan riding the STALAG 17 ridim. MURDEROUS!! Lick it back!