Al Kent Mix



Velvet Hammer - Party Hardy (Soozi 12")
Ross Carnegie & Co - F Minor Disco Pt1/2 (El-Con 45)
Frankie Gee - Date With The Rain (Claridge 45)
The Jones Family - Chains Of Love (Jen Jillus 45)
Bileo - You Can Win (Watts City 45)
Cheryl Berdell - Giving It All To You (Emt 45)
Chocolate City Connection - Take The Music To The Party (Re-Edit - Cosmic Rainbow 45)
Craig Snyder & Lix - Bust It (Midsong 12")
Natures Divine - Never Felt This Way Before (Infinity Album)
Glenn Dorsey & The Big J - Movin' On (Good 45)
The Sparkles - Trying To Get Over (Small Axe 45)
Omni - Disco Socks (Omni 12")

Exclusively mixed for Six Million Steps by Scottish disco supremo Al Kent. Al's other work can be checked out at his excellent Million Dollar Disco website.