Welcome to the new Six Million Steps website

After several months of coding and tweaking, we're pleased to unveil our new website. Our previous site has been in place for a number of years, but it has eventually become technically outdated and difficult to use and maintain, so we've rebuilt and replaced it with this spanking new version which utilises some of the latest professional web software (Drupal 7, HTML5, etc).

The new site is adaptive to different browsing devices, so rather than just seeing a miniaturised version of the site, you'll have a relevantly scoped view depending on what equipment you're browsing with - whether it be via desktop PC, iPhone/smartphone, iPad/tablet, laptop, etc.

We have some great new features for you to enjoy, such as interactive chat, plus our own radio stream (we'll be testing this soon). You'll need to be signed up and logged-on in order to access these.

Please note - some important information regarding membership accounts:

  • Existing members: We need to ensure that our membership database is tidy and accurate, so if you were signed up with our previous site, do please take a moment to re-register your details with us here on the new site (you can re-use your existing username and password if you wish).
  • New members: If you're new to Six Million Steps, then welcome along. Please feel free to register with us so that you can add your comments to the site content, receive email updates, and participate in the live chat and online messaging features here.

We hope you like the new site, and do give us your feedback!


New site looks tasty - a fresh look for 2014.

Alan .. Loving the new format .

This looks wonderful. Slick and so 6MS. I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT ;0) x

Looking good

Thanks for the new site and continuing top quality grooves :-)

May I suggest a cool image at the top under the SMS logo.

Hi Guys since the change over I am not getting the downloads through iTunes anymore with the last one being Set 15th can you help thanks

Have you tried 'Downcast', soulman? I find it so much better than iTunes for managing/listening to the 6MS Downloads (although admittedly I only use it for 6MS!).

Hi Steve. Downcast looks pretty cool. I'll give it a try on my iPad later.



New site looking great, love how it is scalable/portable across devices keep up the stirling work

I'm critically amazed withed everything you guys are doing at 6MS. I know we talk often but I doubt you have any idea how much the boogie/funk/disco/jazz-funk/soul genres have on my makeup. I recall my first trip to the UK and I was floored by the love of "Black Music" in Europe. I honestly think you guys love and appreciate it more than we do...well not me...but you get it.

Cheers Chris. We love you too baby. I fully appreciate what you're saying about how the music makes you feel. It means that much to us too. That's why we take so much time and care remembering/unearthing/presenting it. KEEP THE FAITH!

Fantastic new site !!! keep up the amazing work guys. loving your work

Just a quick question is it possible to stream the mixes through my Sonos system as that would be perfect

Thanking you

The following thread gives a few hints on how to do this via podcast feeds (iTunes, Media Monkey, etc): http://forums.sonos.com/showthread.php?t=33446

The two 6MS feeds are:

I'm guessing that if you can access iTunes via the Sonos menu, a simple search for "Six Million Steps" should take you to what you want.

See if that does the trick.


Been a while but good to see you still around, lovin the new site and all the old familiar features. Cheers

good to have u back Pete, cheers

how can I download then save as a MP3 file to play in the car? using a MacBook pro.

Hi Lenin
Have you subscribed to the RSS feed?. This will ensure everything that's published drops directly into your iTunes. You should then be able to copy/burn etc