43. Gil Scott Heron



A Sign Of The Ages
I Think I'll Call It Morning
Lady Day and John Coltrane
The Revolution Will Not Be Televised
Home Is Where The Hatred Is
The Bottle
Ain't No Such Thing As Superman
Angola Louisiana
Madison Avenue
Inner City Blues
Race Track In France
B Movie
It's Your World


Have so much enjoyed this programme - very lovingly put together and love the way interview comments & interesting info is incorporated and interweaved with classic tracks - thank you so much shows a lot of skill & love for the subject - I am promoting yourselves on my Facebook group Jazz Radio Vault which may well interest you - perhaps see you there? Kind jazzy regards Stephen (nods sagely & strokes non-existent goatee!)

Cheers Stephen, glad you enjoyed.. and thanks for the nice comments. Will check your FB page. JJ