6MS Sessions: Andrew & Marie - 24th October 2015



The Rimshots - Now Is The Time
D-Influence - Running Away
L.A. Boppers - Give Me Some
Seattle Pure Dynamite - I Wonder Love
Johnny Hammond - Can't We Smile (Alternative)
Cecilio & Kapono - Have You Ever Had That Feelin'
James Walsh Gypsy Band - Cuz It's You Girl
Banda Black Rio - Super Nova Samba Funk
Ralph MacDonald - Jam On The Groove Splendor - Take Me To Your Disco
Crashers - Flight To Jamaica
Earth, Wind & Fire - Africano/Power (Live)
Charlies Roots - Show You The Way To Go
Ullanda McCullough - Bad Company
Fonzi Thornton - I Work For A Living (Long Version)
Pleasure - Foxy Lady
Brooklyn Dreams - Music, Harmony & Rhythm
Players Association - How Do You Like It
Harold Melvin & The Bluenotes - Nobody Could Take Your Place
Crown Heights Affair - Things Are Going To Get Better
Chaka Khan - I Know You, I Live You (Tony Humphries Mix)

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