6MS Sessions: Andrew - 8th November 2014



Mtume - Theme (For The People)
Diana Ross & Marvin Gaye - I'll Keep My Light In My Window
Ben Vereen - I'll Keep My Light In My Window
NYCC - I'll Keep My Light In My Window
Alice Smith - Love Endeavour
Staple Singers - Tripping On Your Love
Talking Heads - Slippery People
Bobbi Humphrey - Jasper Country Man
Donald Byrd - Lansana's Priestess (DJ Spinna Mix)
7 Samurai - Muzic
Amp Dog Knight - I'm Doing Fine
Wood, Brass & Steel - Funkanova
Gladys Knight - It's A Better Than Good Time
Joe Sample - Burnin' Up The Carnival
Edwin Birdsong - Goldmine
Marvin Gaye - Funky Space Reincarnation (OOFT Music Edit)
Melba Moore - Standing Right Here
Touch - Love Hangover
Mavis feat. Candi Staton - Revolution (Dark Starr Mix)
Brenda Russell - Way Back When
Diana Ross & Michael Jackson - Ease On Down The Road
Torill - Over And Over
Atmosfear - Invasion

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Is it me or is "Goldmine" from Edwin Birdsong one of THE best songs of all time? Oh man, the funk just oozes from that track. Thanks for playing it! - Joe Turner, Naples, FL.

Hello JT , Andrew couldn’t have seen this or he would have replied. But I agree with you! I think it was my good self who turned Andrew and Dave on to this wonderful tune. So I’m allowed to reply on his behalf! Hope you’re well mate. JJ

....and yes, it was JJ who turned us onto it - digging deep as only he does. :)

Hello Joe, I did indeed miss the comment. 'Goldmine' is a fantastic track, and just has it ALL - massively underrated in my view, and you have to play the full 12" version, as the LP version doesn't have the drama of the longer version. FONKEE!