Andrew & Dave - WOODY CUNNINGHAM/KLEEER SPECIAL - 13th November 2010



Kleeer – Intimate Connection
Universal Robot Band – Dance And Shake Your Tambourine
Kleeer - Tonight
Sylvester – Change Up
Two Tons O’ Fun – Never Like This
Kleeer – Hunger For Your Love
Kleeer – Next Time It’s For Real
Kleeer – Happy Me
Candido – Dancin’ And Prancin’
Universal Robot Band – You’re My Music
Kleeer – Keep Your Body Working
Disco Tex and his Sex-O-Lettes – Hot Lava
Kleeer – Take Your Heart Away
Kleeer – I Love To Dance
Candido – Thousand Finger Man
Sylvester – Give It Up
Kleeer – Taste The Music
Sylvester – I Need You
Two Tons O’ Fun – I Love You, I Do
Kleeer – It’s Magic
Kleeer – License To Dream
Kleeer – Open Your Mind