47. Keni Burke



The Five Stairsteps - Danger! She's A Stranger /
Don't Change Your Love /
Ooh Child
The Stairsteps - Pasado /
Throwin' Stones Atcha
Keni Burke - Keep On Singing
Curtis Mayfield - Never Stop Loving Me
DJ Rogers - Love Is All I Need
Ramsey Lewis - Colours In Space
Invisible Man's Band - Full Moon /
Love Can't Come-Love Has Come /
All Night Thing
Keni Burke - Let Somebody Love You /
Hangin' Tough /
Risin To The Top /
Indigenous Love

keni burke

mr jj...really loving this one....one cracking tune after the other....the instrumental track is off the hook !!! whats its title ?? mr jj
"love cant come..will come" what a corker !!! and as ever the edits and interviews are pure class.

thankyou as ever for sharing your tuneage and of course your knowledge with us all...all the best dean

hello DEano glad you enjoyed

hello DEano
glad you enjoyed it mate

think you're probably talking about Ramsey Lewis 'Coulours In Space'

i'll sort the playlist soon


er...Colours :)

er...Colours :)


Yep! I misread the comment - Apologies! :(

you're instantly forgiven !

you're instantly forgiven ! :)



Aplogies to DEano re mistake & Ramsey etc.
Will Slave be the next session?
If not, no problem...all! you sessions are superb!
Very professional & and I'm sure all who listen/download appreciate
all the hard work you put into them.

hello Mike cheers mate Slave

hello Mike
cheers mate
Slave is one for the future, the sessions take a while to materialise, what with the gathering of interviews etc.

It's the Bee Gees up next, so unbutton that shirt down to the navel, position that medallion correctly etc etc :))

An acquired taste for some, no doubt, but I love the hairy buggers :)


Bee Gees

Yes, they may seem like a smoking sessions 'Curve Ball' but they are architects of some outstanding pop & disco music, not to mention some classic R&B / Looking forward to it! (will dig out my white jacket, flares & black shirt!!)

Mike, you're a man with

Mike, you're a man with impeccable taste! :))


Invisible mans band...

Hi (hope I'm right) !
The track is : Love can't come/Love will come 1980 ?
Invisible Mans Band With Keni cracking the bass...
Hope this helps & you are right , a fabulous track and thanks to JJ i now have on
mp3 as opposed to my vinyl copy, so " Thank You"

Teena Marie.

Hi, love the Keni mix...Thank you.
Any chance of Teena, Slave & Lonnie Liston Smith in the future?
Thanking you in anticipation.

hello Mike, thanks yeah, i

hello Mike, thanks
yeah, i think those are 3 definite possibles! :) I'm off right now to hunt for a Steve Arrington interview :)


Hi "Thank you" that's great news & of course Slave produced so many by-products which will (i hope) be great material for a session!