JJ's Smoking Sessions: Michael Jackson

Six million thanks!

Terrific way to remember such a unique talent. Mixmaster Morris turned me onto your site via Facebook. I shall be spending quite a bit of time here. Total quality. Thanks very much, Robert.

cheers Robert thats nice

cheers Robert
thats nice mate :)


This is the best way to remember Michael

Listened to this when it was first posted and it blew me away. I was really looking forward to seeing what he'd do in London. Such a terrible shame, that is life I guess but it does seem in so many cases that fame is destructive. This should be his legacy, great, great music.

shocking news Michael was a

shocking news
Michael was a musical genius. I'll never stop playing his early stuff.



another fantastic piece of work - well done! For all the trials and tribulations the man is a genius and will always be responsible for 1 of the best Disco records ever - "Don't Stop ('till you get enough)".

Looking forward to Ashford & Simpson and really hope it includes "Flashback" which was cruelly not on the latest otherwise excellent Warners Brothers compilation.

PS I have just played "AAAh Dance" by Fine Quality on a Sugarhill 12" - simply stunning boogie tune. Worth a spin chaps

Thanks very much for the

Thanks very much for the feedback Southcoaster. Glad you enjoyed it. Are you one of the Brighton mafia? :)

Flashback is a definite possibility! :)

Can't think of the Fine Quality tune. I will def check it out, thanks. Love a bit of boogie. :))



..... Gotta admit .... i only downloaded this for Karen (my sweetheart) ... of course im duty bound to listen with her!! ...... what happened next reminded of the feeling when i'd pulled a christmas cracker as a boy ..... and the (toy) was the plastic shiny type paper (shaped as a fish) that you put in the palm of your hand .... it then goes on to curl up ... and the result is to tell ya how you feel .... yep a truly AMAZING toy!!!!!!!!!!!! ... and a BIGGER .... TRULY AMAZING 1;17MINS ........ A VERY BIG THANK YOU FROM US BOTH

nice one Ian. got ya Mrs to

nice one Ian. got ya Mrs to thank then :)
glad you both enjoyed it.
MJ is obviously a troubled soul, but he sure has made some beautiful music
cheers for the feedback as always :)

michael jackson..eeeh eeeh!!!

well mr jj....i agree with the man soulie on this one...this has got to be one of if not the best (so far) in the whole series.
the acapella "rock with you" into the original...very special mate
as ever love the edits of mr quincy rod temperton g& h etc etc just pull it all together....very well done john

all the best dean

cheers Dean you know i

cheers Dean
you know i appreciate you taking the time out to give some feedback, obviously keeps me going to know that people are into it.

Ashford & Simpson up next - which is sounding nice. Thanks again mate.

ee hee shamoan

the best yet jj,although there have been other artists in this series i generally prefer,this however has been really interesting,and boy you,ve squeezed the tuneage in,and no thriller.
very well done.

cheers Soulie thats very

cheers Soulie
thats very nice to know mate
thanks for still listening! :)