32. Donny Hathaway



A Song For You
Love, Love, Love
Je Vous Aime (I Love You)
Everything Is Everything
For All We Know
What's Going On
The Ghetto
Little Ghetto Boy
Giving Up
Sugar Lee
Where Is The Love*
You Are My Heaven*
Back Together Again*
Young, Gifted & Black
I Love You More Than You'll Ever Know

(* with Roberta Flack)

Have a magical Christmas all

... just downloadin as i scribe .... already filled with confidence from all thats gone before ... So forgive me if i just say THANK YOU GROOVERS ...
... May i also wish you all at six million steps ... a truly enjoyable festival of Christmas spirit .. Ian

cheers Ian, hope you had a

cheers Ian, hope you had a good'n yourself. Cheers from all at 6ms for supporting our stuff. Happy new year :)


donny hathaway

good day mr jj...yet again another one right out of the top drawer....loving the "voices inside" & "little ghetto boy" tracks...edits of donny are really nice too.
amazing to think that he made all this wicked music and passing away at such a young age..another one "gone too soon".

thanks again for your knowledge & tuneage jj................merry christmas and a very happy new year to you all.

all the best from the sunshine state of espana


thank you

jj thank you for all your efforts thoughout the year,you and all close to you have a very happy christmas.
gunna sit down and have a listen to this never been a big donny fan, but then again,i ashamed to say never listened to that much of his work,anyway i'm out to be converted.

Happy Xmas back at ya

Happy Xmas back at ya Soulie, have a good'n.

thanks for supporting the site mate.

Lemme know what ya think about the Donny