29. Steely Dan



Black Cow
Pretzel Logic
Night By Night
Fire In The Hole
I Got The News
The Fez
Home At Last
Kid Charlamagne
The Royal Scam
Everything You Did
Glamour Profession
My Rival
Haitian Divorce

drink your big black cow and get outta here!!

here we go again mr jj....another corker straight out of the top drawer...the genius of steely dan....amazing lyrics and tuneage and as ever,loving the edits of mr fagen..mr becker and co....really make this one special.

so drink your big black cow and get outta here!!

well done mr jj wicked stuff!!!!

the deano of espana

cheers Deano, thanks for the

cheers Deano, thanks for the feedback as always mate :)) much appreciated
a Big Black Cow is an ice cream apparently.

look out for the next smoker - Chaka Khan special - I think it'll be up your street :))


Steely Dan.

Hey John

Just streamed the Steely Dan sessions.
I just stepped back nearly 30 years.
Sweet sweet memories, last days of school for me.
Still does it.

Thanks to you and all at SMS.


cheers Nestor, glad you

cheers Nestor, glad you enjoyed it