JJ's Smoking Sessions: Teddy Pendergrass



Harold Melvin & The Bluenotes -
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Everybody's Talkin'
Where Are All My Friends

Teddy Pendergrass -
Easy, Easy (Got To Take It Easy)
Set Me Free
Be Sure
The Whole Town's Laughing At Me
If You Know Like I Know
You Can't Hide From Yourself
The More I Get (The More I Want)
Time For Love
It Don't Hurt Now

Teddy Pendergrass & Stephanie Mills - Two Hearts
Harold Melvin & The Bluenotes - Wake Up Everybody
Teddy Pendergrass - When Somebody Loves You Back

Always ready for Teddy

One of those rare singers who give you something you hadn't noticed before every time you listen to them.
A true soul legend....RIP Teddy.


cant believe we have lost another legend. The man was a true genius with a voice that is captured so perfectly by JJ's session.
RIP Teddy

Southcoaster, Yeah very sad

Yeah very sad news mate. Definitely my favourite ever singer.


... Phew man! ... awesome is the best i can say .. so if you don't mind i'll say it again ... this time a wee bit louder ... AWESOME! ... and Thank you

cheers Ian and Deano glad

cheers Ian and Deano
glad you enjoyed it guys
Bill Withers up next, then Steely Dan, then Chaka Khan


this really is beginning to sound like some kind of cliche...but....this "teddy" mix is just lovely and as ever the edits of teddy & co are just pure magic.
loving the track "easy easy"...pure brilliance from the man...."its time for love"...."it dont hurt now".....all of em......beautiful mr jj.

as ever john..very well done and much much respect for sharing your tuneage with us all...we are the lucky ones!!

all the best from the sunshine state of espana