6MS Sessions: Dave - 16th August 2008 - ISAAC HAYES SPECIAL



Isaac Hayes – Ike’s Mood
Isaac Hayes – Soulville
Isaac Hayes – Ain’t No Sunshine (live)
Isaac Hayes – Do Your Thing
Temptations – Do Your Thing
Chosen Few – Do Your Thing
Isaac Hayes – Zeke The Freak
Isaac Hayes – Chocolate Chip
Isaac Hayes – Don’t Let Go
Isaac Hayes Movement – Disco Connection
Isaac Hayes – Fragile
Donald Byrd – Feel Like Loving You Today
Isaac Hayes – Joy
Isaac Hayes – Moonlight Lovin’ (Menage A Trois)
Isaac Hayes - I Ain’t Never
Joe Bataan – Theme From The Men
Decimo - Theme From Shaft

Isaac Hayes Tribute


What a fabulous tribute awaiting my return from California. Sad news about Isaac's passing but what a legacy he has left.

Really hope that Part Two materialises with "The Look Of Love" and "Cafe Reggio" high on the list.

Thanks again.


Hi Neale, Thanks for the

Hi Neale,

Thanks for the comments.

There were so many tunes to choose from it was difficult trying to get it down to 2 hours. Most of Isaacs songs really need to be listen to in their entirety to do them justice so there's a possibility of a part 2. If not I'll certainly be playing some more Isaac in future shows.