19. Curtis



Curtis Mayfield - The Other Side Of Town
Sisters Love - Give Me Your Love (DK edit)
Curtis Mayfield - Cannot Find A Way
Linda Clifford & Curtis Mayfield - Ain't No Love Lost
Curtis Mayfield - This Year
Mavis Staples - Chocolate City
Curtis Mayfield - Love Me, Love Me, Love Me
MFSB - Freddie's Dead
Melba Moore - Make You Believe In Me
Curtis Mayfield - Back Against The Wall
Curtis Mayfield - Billy Jack
Staple Singers - Let's Do It Again
Curtis Mayfield - Trippin' Out
Holly Maxwell - No One Else




Very nice mix !

Thank you for this session on Curtis Mayfield! I rediscovered with great emotion
a title that I had completely forgotten, Billy Jack ... and the whole album that I
Replay: a marvel.

Very nice mix!

cheers Cristophe, yeah

cheers Cristophe,
yeah agreed.. Billy Jack is a classic

"CURTIS".....youre so good to me !!

here we go again....i dont want to sound like a busted cd that keeps on repeating itself..but..this is truly something very very special,

every single track is an absolute corker....especially "gimme your love" and "this year"...and the edits of mr curtis are just plain lovely.

this has got to be one your finest mr jj.....this and "stevie" are just pure class and i know if curtis could hear this for himself,he would be very very proud.

take a bow john.....very well done mi ol son !!!

from the "sunshine state of espana" and of course the "european champions"

all the best dean

Cheers Dean, nice one mate,

Cheers Dean, nice one mate, thought you might enjoy this

"You're So Good To Me" - meant to include that, and just forgot! Love that tune though.

Thanks for the feedback Dean , always appreciated.