16. Mo' Soul & Disco



Rose Royce - Keep On Keepin' On
Silver Convention - Fly Robin Fly
Ultrafunk - Indigo Country
Johnny Adams - Feel The Beat
George & Gwen McCrae - The Rub
Roy Ayers' Ubiquity - One Sweet Love To Remember
Ohio Players - Who'd She Coo
Skying High - Getting Up On Your Lovin'
Willie Hutch - Brothers Gonna Work It Out
J Gayle Gamon - Study Long You'll Study Wrong
BT Express - Its In Your Blood
Foreal People - Love Begins With You
Michel Polnareff - Lipstick
Dr Buzzard's Original Savannah Band - Sunshower
Salsoul Orchestra - Nice N' Nasty

... you cat's ... keep on keepin' on ..

... Hello Groovers ... you cats got this goin on ... man it's almost decadent ... it's defo infectious ... and im sendin a thousand thank yooooooooooou's ...

you sound as if you're

you sound as if you're wearing an afghan coat and burning a jostick. I like it! :))


Smoking Sessions

Hi JJ. Just a note to say that I really enjoyed the latest issue (16) of the Smoking Sessions. Was not sure if the Real People was in there!
Any chance of doing one with Quality Disco (Disco Dozen) as the theme :

El Coco - Comomotion
Jupiter Beyond - The River Drive
Cerrone - Love In C Minor
Eddie Drennon & BBS Unlimited - Let's Do The Latin Hustle
Bombers - (Everybody) Get Dancing
Alphonse Mouzon - I'm Glad That You're Here (Instrumental)
Van McCoy - The Hustle (Remixed Version released after he passed away)
Voyage - Souvenirs
Frank Hooker & The Positive People - This Feelin'
Carrie Lucas - Dance With You
Saturday Night Band - Come On Dance Dance
Deniece Williams - I've Got The Next Dance

Just a (lovely) thought...........

Keep up the truly great work


hello Neale we've used a few

hello Neale
we've used a few of those ones in mixes already, but there's a couple of others you've mentioned that i'll definitely try and use in some future things. i've been looking for a nice copy of frank hooker, my 12" is a bit scratched up. but that's a great tune.
cheers for listening mate

mo da same

mo da same
ps he's right it is hot remember i live in alicante.

i know where you live you

i know where you live you lucky git! :))


mo mo mo soul & disco !

the man jj has done it again....another corker john!
loving every track...a few i know ...a few i dont but all
quality.....what would we do without our regular dose of the
old 6ms......very much deepaloadyjoydody !!

all the best dean from the sunshine state of espana !

cheers Deano thanks

cheers Deano
thanks mate
but..oi!.. dont pretend its hot out there, you fibber! :))