6MS Sessions: Andrew & Dave - ROD TEMPERTON SPECIAL - 8th March 2008



Heatwave – Ain’t No Half Steppin’
Quincy Jones – Somethin’ Special
Michael Jackson – Rock With You
Herbie Hancock – Motor Mouth
Brothers Johnson – Celebrations
Michael Jackson – Baby Be Mine
Manhattan Transfer – Spice Of Life
Heatwave – This Night We Fell
Patti Austin & James Ingram – Baby Come To Me
Herbie Hancock – Give It All Your Heart
George Benson – Love X Love
Michael Jackson – Off The Wall
James Ingram – Yah Mo B There
Heatwave – Star Of A Story
Bob James – Sign Of The Times
Heatwave – Razzle Dazzle
Quincy Jones – Razzamatazz
Michael Jackson – Burn This Disco Out
George Benson – Give Me The Night
Heatwave – Too Hot To Handle
Michael McDonald – Sweet Freedom
Rufus & Chaka Khan – Live In Me
Brothers Johnson – Stomp
Michael Jackson – Thriller


Dear David, Andrew & JJ

As you know, only too well, I am somewhat OBSESSED and in AWE of what you guys do

You are my "Musical Encyclopedia" and everyday I find out something I didn't know, and with that in mind, I JUST HAD TO comment about this bloomin’ brilliant ROD TEMPERTON SPECIAL!

What a genius!! And from CLEETHORPES!! (Where exactly is Cleethorpes?)

LOVE LOVE LOVE the fact that RT sprinkled his “magic dust” over one of my ALL TIME favourite tracks “LIVE IN ME” by Rufus & Chaka Khan

If anyone were to ask me to explain why I love “This” music so much I would instantly direct them to the SIX MILLION STEPS website…that would tell them everything they need to know




We love you too Marie We

We love you too Marie

We hear that Rod Temperton is in the country putting together a new album with Mica Paris.

About time we had something new from the Temp.

DC xx

Yes, as much as we are put

Yes, as much as we are put off by the alleagations from certain quarters the musical legacy is pretty impressive although the calibre of "others" helping him is a whose who of black music. We salute you MJ but also many others like this man from Cleethorpes.

Ps Haven't heard the manhattan transfer tune for an age so real memory trip!

Tune after Tune After Tune, many thanks guys for these gems.

Is it time for some recognition?

Whilst we will all miss the wonderful performer that MJ was, I expect you will receive much renewed interest in your celebration of the songwriter behind 'Thriller'.

It's incredible then that Mr Rod Temperton, formerly of Cleethorpes, has received no recognition from our state. Not even an OBE. Shameful really (unless he's turned it down). Keep up the good work 6MS.

Sir Rod

Hi Martin

Yes, very sad news about MJ, but his musical legacy will live on. As for Rod, well I'm sure he'd appreciate some recognition for his services, but I feel he is happy enough knowing he's written some of the greatest soul/pop songs of our time. The man is a genius, and our show only highlighted how much so. That said, it would indeed be nice to see Rod get some mainstream recognition of his amazing talent. Rod, Quincy & MJ together were an amazing team!


Cheers Daz and Stu,

Good to hear you enjoyed the show.

We're deciding on who or what will be featured in future specials and the Mizell brothers are certainly worth considering.


Hot Rod.

Yo guys,
I loved the show, ii was great fun. Although I still think the George Benson version of "Star of a story" is the best. (But "Give me the night" IS one of my all time favorite L.P.'s)
Also, I really enjoyed the latest JJ mix (Party down). So, who's going to do a Mizzel brothers special?
Keep up the great work.
Thanks to alan for all the help with my web site. I'm hoping to go live in a couple of weeks.

What an absolutely fantastic

What an absolutely fantastic selection of songs. This is the sort of mix that will never date.

Cheers lads.