9. 70's Funk



Brass Construction - Two Timing Lady
Ripple - Funky Song
Natural High - Bump Your Lady (parts 1 & 2)
African Music Machine - Tropical
Calender - Hypertension
Miami - Freak Around
BT Express - Can't Stop Groovin'
Barry Waite and LTD - Sting (part 1)
Miami - Party Freaks
Joe Washington - Blueberry Hill
Mandrill - Fencewalk
Gaturs - Gatur Bait
Ohio Players - Skin Tight
Cameo - Rigor Mortis
Kay Gees - Get Down
Rhythm Makers - Zone
Fatback Band - Yum Yum (Gimme Some)
Banberra - Shack Up
Fred Wesley & The JBs - Damn Right I'm Somebody
Rimshots - Dance Girl

70's funk mix

hey there

just downloaded this. very cool! who mixed it?


Me. Cheers, glad you liked


Cheers, glad you liked it

and thanks for the feedback


70s funk stuff mix!!

thanks john....yes of course what was i thinking...must have been the paint fumes got to my head!!!

got all 6 of the jazz funk mixs and they are truly out of this world!!!

as the tune goes "more more more"

all the best


i might try some of those

i might try some of those paint fumes :)

70s funk mix....the old boy has done it again!!!

yeah just listened on my old "discman" while i was doing a spot of painting!! found my feet moving and my head shaking!!
paint flying everywhere!!

well done john...top drawer stuff yet again.

just a little idea for you to think about...what about a sort of "jazz funk" mix??

thanks john and cant wait for the next smoker!!

all the best dean

hee hee nice one Deano. have

hee hee nice one Deano.
have you checked the 6 x jazz funk mixes on the site?

70s funk

"yuv dun it again",even got out my red pegs, pickers, & mohair jumper for "can't stop groovin" (BT Express) & rhythm makers & bambara.(spellings shit),did a soul spin (one hand on top of the head coming out of the spin to mini robo & pause just to check out who was lookig,& who said the 80s invented the robot we were doing it circa 76 for those of you who remember the move).
jj who played africana was it kool & the gang, or earth wind & fire or someone else,i'd be interested to find out, this was a real floor filler circa 76ish

nice one Soulie, glad you

nice one Soulie, glad you enjoyed it mate.

Yeah... Africano ... its by EWF... you'll find it on this jazz funk mix, sounding as wicked as ever...



that'll teach me

That'ii teach me to listen more thoroughly next time.