6MS Sessions: Andrew - 15th December 2007 - MEL CHEREN SPECIAL



Ednah Holt – Serious, Sirius Space Party
Sweet Music – I Get Lifted
BT Express – Do You Like It
Patti Jo – Make Me Believe In You
LTG Exchange – Corazon
Sparque – Let’s Go Dancin’
Shirley Lites – Heat You Up
Loose Joints – Is It All Over My Face (Male and Female Versions)
Bettye Lavette – Doin’ The Best That I Can
Raw Silk – Do It To The Music (MAW Remix)
Jakki – You Are The Star
Linda Clifford – Changin’ (Blaze Mix)
Billy Nichols – Give Your Body Up To The Music
Taana Gardner – Work That Body
Ultra High Frequency – We’re On The Right Track
Bombers – Let’s Dance
Raw Silk – Just In Time
Sessomatto – Sessomatto (Jim Stuard Disco Mix)
Man Friday – Love Honey, Love Heartache
North End – Kind Of Life
Jesse Green – Nice & Slow (Disco Mix)

Hi Neale, Try the West End

Hi Neale,

Try the West End Records website:


As for Bettye Lavette, I agree that it's a great record and builds terrifically but at 10+ minutes it doesn't leave much opportunity to get through enough tunes when doing a radio show or a mix as it was one of those mixes that was aimed squarely at the dancefloor. Personally, I think loses some of it's impact when heard on the radio and an edit wouldn't do it any justice.

As Andrew says we're planning a number of special shows and of course they'll be the 'special' mixes on the site too.

Happy New Year by the way.

Best regards


West End Special

Awesome show - thank you!

please could you include in a future show the FULL LENGTH Bettye Lavette track so that everybody knows what a percussive genius Walter Gibbons was!

Also "Time" by Stone would be great - Best of West End part 2?

Any one got the definitive West End discography or a website address?

Finally I have the Best of West End Records Vol 2 on CD but never seen Vol 1? any one got one?

Questions questions!

Keep it up!!

Walter Gibbons

Hi Neale

Thanks for the comments. Dave and I will be bringing a host of "specials" in 2008, and Walter Gibbons may well be in amongst those planned. If so, we'll make sure we give the Bettye Lavette a full rinse, but at well over 10 minutes long, we couldn't squeeze ALL of it in this time around unfortunately.

As for "Time" by Stone, Dave played it on 8th December, but sadly the show was not recorded. We'll probably do a specific "West End Special" at some point in the future, but certainly we'll dig out "Time" again sometime soon.

As for the "Best Of" CDs - give me some more info and I may be able to help. What label/year was your comp?

Happy New Year!