6MS Sessions: Dave & John - 17th May 2014



Faze-O – Riding High (She Records 1977)
Morning, Noon & Night – The Thought Of Love (Roadshow 1977)
Salsoul Invention – Be My Soul (Harmony Records, Italy 1976)
Miami – Kill That Roach (Drive 1976)
Ronnie Laws – Goodtime Ride (UA 1977)
VJ & The Move – It’s Not Over (Cultural Vibe 1993)
Secret Lovers – Do Me Right (Bottom Line 1992)
Sensus Soul – Higher Tensions (6ms ‘Bless The Funk” edit 2014)
House Of Jazz – Mr Groove (White label, early 90s)
4 To The Bar - Slam Me Baby (GAO Records 1989)
22 Large – Take Me Away (Vinylla Records 1992)
Believers – Who Dares To Believe In Me (Strictly Rhythm 1993)
Mindreaders – Living My Life Underground (Tomato recs 1994)
Mae I – Sweet Melody (Transient Dub) (Sunflower Records 1996)
Jack n’ Jill – Work It Girlfriend (Strictly Rhythm 1992)
MAW & Co. – Gonna Get Back To You (Esquire Records 1992)
Cajmere ft Dajae – Brighter Days (Cajual 1992)
Brick – Living From The Mind (Bang 1977) (Dave Lee mix 2001)
Bunny Mack – Supafrico (dub) (Rokel Records 1981)
Johan S. – Somethin’ 4 Da Barheadz (Underground Vibe 1996)

Kill That Roach

I am assuming you guys were having a bit of fun regarding the title of the song. You DO know what the song is about, yes? It's definitely NOT about needing to call an exterminator. Haven't heard that song in 30 years at least.

Hi JT. Where have you been

Hi JT. Where have you been man?! We thought you were missing in action. Nice to hear from you. I cannot answer your question as to whether we were joking or not, because that would spoil the long running understanding that we have between our two countries ….. that you never know when we’re joking!!

I'm Still Standing...

...yeah, yeah, yeah! Hey guys, I'm still here. To answer your question, let's just say "life." Life happens. "Ish" at the j-o-b. That being said, I never miss your show (through the internet's version of the "tape delay"). It has gotten me through some days when you wish retirement was closer at hand. LOVE the 24/5/14 show, especially the under-rated Peter Brown and Chic to the Change (LUV Change) and fellow Detroiters One Way. When I lived in Detroit I used to work in the same building that they had their offices in and ran into them quite often on the elevator. Al Hudson was a gem of a guy. Got to hear mixes of the "IX" album before they were released. Great memories.

JJ, Alan, Dave, Drew, Ian, etc, love you guys! Thank you so much for what you do. It truly can make someone's day, more than you know. The power of music.

pleased to have you still

pleased to have you still with us mate. Will give you a shout next time. Was missing your stories!! :-)

one thing i have is stories

Having worked in radio for 26 years (and still doing the occasional voice over), I have amassed a few stories. Getting ready to sell off my 12-inch collection as well. Just under 2,000 pieces, and as difficult as it is to part with them, they've got to go. Paying $100/mo. just to have them sit in a storage shed and gather dust is not financially responsible. Once they're gone I'll be in need of therapy that's for sure... [sigh]

I recently sold about a

I recently sold about a 1,000 pieces. I wasn't happy. But my wife was :-)