110. Ian Dury



What A Waste – Ian Dury
Inbetweenies – Ian Dury
Clever Trevor – Ian Dury
Wake Up And Make Love With Me – Ian Dury
If I Was With A Woman – Ian Dury
Reasons To Be Cheerful (part 3) – Ian Dury
Glad To Know You – Chas Jankel (lyrics by Ian Dury)
Spasticus Autisticus – Ian Dury
Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick – Ian Dury
Dance Of The Screamers – Ian Dury
My Old Man – Ian Dury
Don’t Ask Me – Ian Dury

Ian Dury podcast

Somehow missed that you'd done this JJ....needless to say loaded on the iPod now and coming to Ibiza with me :-)
Thanks matey!!

Nice one markie. Off to

Nice one markie. Off to Ibiza, but packing cockney music, and will no doubt go straight to the cafe for a fry-up, then off to the english pub for a lager. :-)