79. Disco Demolition - Part Three



Rimshots - Super Disco
Cloud One - Atmosphere Strut
Garnett Mimms & The Truckin' Co. - What It Is
AKB - Stand Up, Sit Down
Kasso - Kasso
Glitter Band - Makes You Blind (edit)
Azoto - San Salvador (instr. mix)
Space - Magic Fly
Timmy Thomas - Stone To The Bone
Keith Barrow - Turn Me Up
Bruce Johnstone - Pipeline
Le Pamplemousse - Creepin'
GB Experience - Disco Extravaganza (edit)
Lax - Dancin' At The Disco
Salsoul Orchestra - 212 North

Smokin Session

hi JJ,

Wondered if you have already put together or would consider doing a SS on the UK 80s Jazz Funk/Disco scene? - Central Line, Light of the World, I-LEVEL, Jankel, Loose Ends, Heatwave etc

hello Len i'm pretty sure

hello Len
i'm pretty sure Dave/Andrew did a 2 hour special on this very subject.
link chaps???

Hi Len,We did half a show

Hi Len,
We did half a show here:


And I think I did a Britfunk Show on my own once - I'll try to find it and post the link if I can actually remember it!!!