64. Disco Warriors



War - War Is Coming
John Carpenter - The End
The Osmonds - iii
Margo Williams - Guardian Angel Is Watching Over Us
Greg Kihn - Jeopardy
Skatt Brothers - Walk The Night
Freddy The Flying Dutchman & The Sistina Band - Wojtyla Dance
Theo Vaness - Bad Boy (Ray Mang edit)
Flash & The Pan - Midnight Man
Desmond Childe & Rouge - City In Heat
Kano - It's A War
Jackie Moore - This Time Baby
The Time Bandits - Live It Up
Sharon Redd - Beat The Street
Empire - Robotism
Direct Current - Everybody Here Must Party


I just love this mix JJ - going to dig out my VHS of the Warriors when I get home.
Splendid Session.

Nice one Len :-) Don't

Nice one Len :-) Don't forget to don your leather waistcoat.


Fantastic stuff!

Got to agree with the other comments here - this is a belter of a mix!! Lovin it

thanks Kenfuse :)) JJ

thanks Kenfuse :))

best smokin session in a

best smokin session in a long time...keep up the great work!

cheers, glad you enjoyed

cheers, glad you enjoyed it


Long time listener, first time poster.

This mix is an absolute classic, thanks for this and all the others.

Virgin posters always

Virgin posters always welcome! :)) Spread the word!
Thanks for the feedback Mindhorn. Glad you're enjoying these, cheers


This mix is genius! A great idea, brilliantly executed :)

nice one Peej, glad you

nice one Peej, glad you liked it, and thanks for the feedback.